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bank update

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:01 am

Commander\Protector : [Seamless Polar Icecaps Helm] [Seamless Polar Icecaps Pauldron] [Hammer of Holy Judgment]
Radiant\Tempest : [Vigorous Life Circlet] x 2 [Vigorous Life Boots][Vigorous Life Overcoat]
Dominator\Defiler :[Black Sun Gloves] [Black Sun Circlet] [Black Sun Boots]
Elementalist\Druid : [Everlasting Sun Circlet] x2 [Everlasting Sun Gloves]
Avenger\Ranger : [Monster Hunter Helm] x 2 [Monster Hunter Shoulder Light Armor]
Assassin\ShadowRunner : [Dark Blade Helm][Dark Blade Gloves]
Mystic\Forsaker : [Violent Flame Pauldron]
Bezerker\Warlord : [Fierce Storm Helm]

lvl 35 suff : [Lamenting Cry Upper Armor] x3 [Lamenting Sound Gloves]
Costumes : [Christmas Costume] x3 [Christmas Costume II] x2

bank donations : 500k lant Action ; 500k lant erfi = 1mil lant atm

still working to get more stuff Smile

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